EFI Fiery Spot-On Kit - RIP-stasjonsoppgraderingssett

EFI Fiery Spot-On Kit - RIP-stasjonsoppgraderingssett 497N05469
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TypeSkrivertilbehør, Oppgraderingssett
  • Produces accurate and consistent color matching
  • Has intuitive interface for conceptualizing and modifying spot colors
  • Offers easy export of color palettes to other Fiery devices, independent of application
  • Provides efficient way to edit targeted color areas of the job
  • Is a competitive differentiator
  • Comes with the best color search user interface for an accurate and fast color selection
  • Offers unique integration with ES-1000 to create new spot colors
  • Delivers simplified corporate color
  • Increases user's color capabilities
  • Reduces training
  • Achieves color consistency across all documents
  • Eliminates spot color rework with late stage color editing without opening the native original application
With Fiery Spot On, users can create accurate color matching for logo colors and other spot colors in an automatic, application independent workflow. This feature allows the management of named colors on the Fiery controller, including all PANTONE, HKS, Toyo, and DIC names, in PostScript or PDF documents. This feature also provides better conversion of colors for popular color systems done directly on the server. In addition, named colors can be custom created with user-specified names such as Corporate Blue and CMYK value.



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