APC - Kabeltrau med åpen bunn - svart

APC - Kabeltrau med åpen bunn - svart AR8580
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Forventet inn: 10.01.23
KabeltypeKabeltrau med åpen bunn
  • Toolless mounting capabilities
  • Units do not require additional tools to mount into APC NetShelter enclosure, which allows the users to quickly and easily mount units in the rear of the enclosure.
  • Facilitates overhead cable management
  • Overhead cable troughs and partitions install toollessly on the roof of the enclosure eliminating the need for ceiling mounted or underfloor mounted cable trays. Cable troughs and partitions are designed to manage both power and data cables while maintaining separation.
Trough system to route power distribution cabling between the top of an InfraStruXure PDU to an InRow NetShelter SX enclosure.


Databro AS | Forneburingen 11 | 1360 Fornebu | Tlf.: 913 18 119
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